Dr. Cairo Arafat

Save the Children

Dr. Cairo Arafat / Save the Children: Dr. Cairo Arafat is a leading child and women’s right expert in Palestine.  She has worked with numerous UN agencies including UNICEF, UNWomen, and UNDP on child rights, national and human development, and capacity development programs and in developing standard operating procedures for female victims of violence and abuse, domestic violence, and violence against children.  In addition, she has held numerous positions within the Palestinian National Authority as Director General of Aid Management and Coordination and as Director General for Child Rights Planning and as Director of the National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children for over ten years.  Her work within the Ministry of Planning involved managing international aid and relevant processes with over 40 donors providing development and humanitarian assistance throughout the country.  Her work at the ministry included supporting the national planning processes and preparation of reports and research on development and aid within the country.


Dr. Arafat is currently working with Save The Children in developing programs that afford children, especially those who are most marginalized and needy, with quality education, health, and protection programs. She has recently been appointed as the National Child Commissioner at the Independent Commission on Human Rights and is also the Early Childhood Education Advisor to the Palestinian Minister of Education.