4th ICT Day addresses the most important ICT developments and achievements in the field of information and communication technology and ways of adaptation to serve the educational learning process; therefore, it focuses on discussing the following topics:

  • ICT in Palestine
    This topic summarizes and shows the most important achievements of information and communication technology of education in the university.
  • Spreading the culture of information technology in Palestine.
    This topic focuses on the major projects and achievements addressing the community to raise awareness and demand for information technology.
  • Capacity building
    In order to provide a suitable environment for the essential elements that contribute to ensure the success of institutions of open learning, capacity-building in higher education institutions rely primarily on the principles of good practice and standards recommended by a required number of researches, specifically on the areas of administration, teaching and learning, technology and support scholars. This topic focuses on frameworks and strategies to expand the qualifications of supervisors and students at the university in particular and the community in general, including building the skills that enable a good use of e-Learning technology systems.
  • Infrastructure and access solutions to support ICT.
    This topic seeks to link the achievements of sustainable development in addressing the computer hardware and software to support the communication of teaching, learning methods delivery, and management of continuing education. It should work effectively to support the use of ICT in Palestine.
  • The development and delivery of educational content.
    The focus of this topic is on the development of content models depending on the design of education and global standards in this area, which is the access to the model characterized by the effective open learning.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation for e-Learning
    This topic raises several questions and focuses the search for their answers, most importantly, how to control and evaluation in the e-Learning programs? What are the expected benefits? Any proposed solutions?