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The most important objectives of the 12th ICT Day:

  • Introducing local and regional initiatives and proposals related to Fintech in order to enrich the Palestinian experience in this field;
  • Introducing technological solutions by ICT specialists to provide the required knowledge of Fintech to the specialists of the financial sector
  • Introducing governmental technological initiatives and regulations in the field
  • The role of the public and private financial institutions, current situation, challenges and future plans in Fintech of cryptocurrencies, bitcoins mining, e-commerce,)
  • The contribution of academic institutions and the required updates on the academic plans concerning the targeted collages (ICT, business, finance, and accounting) in Fintech
  • The impact of Fintech on the world and regional economies.
  • Information security risks and the gap between startups and financial regulations.
  • The struggle of traditional banking institutes against Fintech companies to retain their customers.

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