ICT Day 12




The Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) at Al-Quds Open University holds its 12th annual ICT Day, entitled “Financial Technology “Fintech” on Nov 29, 2018, at Grand Park Hotels, Rafat Street, Al-Masyoun Heights, Ramallah.

Financial institutions are witnessing changes faster than ever due to the integration of technology, which is creating both competitive threats and evolutionary opportunities for these institutions. The main objective of this event is to shed light on new technologies that are about to reshuffle the financial cards, reduce their risks and work in all possible ways to use technology as a positive service to the stakeholders of this sector. Furthermore, the 12th ICT day will work with relevant authorities to come out with a package of recommendations that will support developing a draft resolution of the best practices in the financial sectors and enhance its implementation in the Palestinian society.


Our vision is to stimulate research, cooperation and communication amongst the different ICT sectors and specialists in the financial sector, focusing on the latest technology concerning financial procedures and issues. The main subject will shed light on “Fintech” to provide the widest knowledge in this field and provide the main tools for future plans implementation in our Palestinian society.


The most important objectives of the 12th ICT Day:

  • Introducing local and regional initiatives and proposals on Fintech in order to enrich the Palestinian experience in this field;
  • Introducing technological solutions by ICT specialists to provide the required knowledge of Fintech to the specialists in the financial sector
  • Introducing governmental technological initiatives and regulations in the field
  • The role of the public and private financial institutions, current situation, challenges and future plans in Fintech of cryptocurrencies, bitcoins mining, e-commerce,)
  • The contribution of academic institutions and the required updates on the academic plans concerning the targeted colleges (ICT, business, finance, and accounting) in Fintech
  • The impact of Fintech on the world and regional economies.
  • Information security risks and the gap between startups and financial regulations.
  • The struggle of traditional banking institutes against Fintech companies to retain their customers.

Key Topics

  • Software and computer applications related to the blockchain, crypto currencies, IOT, Big Data DLT ( Distributed Ledger Technology);
  • Crypto currencies: Definition, value, exchange, wallets, risks, sell and buy…etc.
  • Blockchain: Definition, advantages of blockchain, facilitating applying blockchain in Palestine, Impact on Palestinian market…etc.
  • The ties between finance and technology: Strengthening ties between financial firms and techs to revamp the way financial services are created and consumed.
  • Regulating Fintech: Addressing Challenges in Cyber security and Data Privacy
  • identify responsibilities and delegations in this field (Crypto currency, bitcoins mining, the blockchain, cybercrimes, information security, finance and technology);
  • Encourage higher education institutions to include courses in the relevant specializations and colleges.
  • Advancements in technologies and digitalizing Commerce, lending, payments, donation, investment, smart contracts etc.

The following topics are proposed for the legislative, law and the awareness dimension:

  • Bitcoin Boom: Why and how did it happen?
  • WorldCore Solutions and its applicability to Affiliate Programs
  • Healthcare, Blockchain, and transformation of the industry.
  • How to build a regulatory framework for Blockchain?
  • The Blockchain of things
  • Marrying artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Blockchain
  • Investing in Blockchain
  • The Next Generation of Blockchain (Aurora Chain)
  • Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • The Blockchain Revolution In Banking
  • Blockchain Legal Implications
  • Can blockchain help the world’s poorest?
  • Governance and regulation in Blockchain business networks decentralization in Blockchain and the security

Target groups

  • Directors of technological enterprises/companies operating in public or private sectors;
  • Financial firms
  • Academic advisors and researchers working in related sectors (technology and finance);
  • Education experts in the field of Information Technology, Law, Cyber security and Finance;
  • Effective leaders and decision makers at training and research institutions specialized in Technology, Banking, and Finance sector.

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