Laith Qassis

Laith Kassis

Laith Kassis Palestinian / Australian. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, USA and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.
Laith advocated, wrote the concept notes and championed the development of the first Techno Park at Birzeit University and managed its program operations and construction. Laith has also championed the business and technology incubation industry. Laith is also the co-founder of RuWWad.ME and EnterVentures providing consultancy, mentoring and capacity building to entrepreneurial ventures while validating a business model for a soft-turret phone technology app. He also provides wide array of information technology project management services, market surveys and export strategies. Prior to that, his relevant experience was in managing the Palestine IT Association (PITA) of companies and the PICTI incubator.
His leadership had a direct impact on developing the entrepreneurial sector; promote start-up companies and culture. He also contributed to the growth of the ICT sector through promoting multinational R&D projects, outsourcing and investments. He is an early supporter for the development of seed and venture capital creation in Palestine. His customized technology entrepreneurship education material is widely used by local and regional accelerators in the MENA region.
Regionally, Laith has participated in the formation of the MENA Network of Incubators as its Vice President and has consulted with the World Bank infoDev program to promote high-growth entrepreneurship eco-systems in the MENA region and conduct business incubation management training.