ICT Day 9



Sub themes of the 9th ICT day are not limited to:

  • Latest technologies and Equipment in media, how it affect and improve the media from quality and content perspective (and the investment criteria in this field)
  • Technologies and Equipment for advertisement promotions (cost and efficiency)
  • Technology Infrastructure for media.
  • Importance and impact of the 3rd and the 4th generation of the mobile networks on media.
  • Fiber networks and the Availability of local ground broadcasting station through space satellite
  • Palsat/ TV broadcasting through satellites and its impact on media.
  • Social media and all services provided through current smart devices like (smart phones, IPad, laptop computers, etc.).
  • Impact of software development on media.
  • The role of Technology for providing more effective methods and tools to interconnect media institutions together.
  • The role of technology for preparing a well-organized effective strategic media plan in Palestine.
  • IPTV and TV protocols through the internet.
  • The digital transformation of the TV industry /the proliferation of digital media in the provision of new services and its advantages/disadvantages to the Palestinian media and the public services.

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