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Main Objective: Main Objective: Identifying needs, requirements and challenges this event will be the first step into identifying a Palestinian Case Study into iMobility (see The Tunisian examplewww.hudacuk/imfv/publications/imfvarabia/), this includes:

  • To launch the iMobility Palestinian Team which is part of the ‘The Future Vision of iMobility in Arab Region’ project lead by the iMFV For more information see  http://www.hudacuk/imfv/
  • Establish a link between the Palestinian technological institutes (for eg Academic, Business and Local Authorities) The Palestinian iMobility team is an example of multidisciplinary collaboration for identifying the steps required (Roadmap) to build the future vision for smart urban environment.
  • Highlighting the importance of applied research, capacity building, knowledge transfer and continues training workshops particularly with respect to the application of ICT and mobile Technology into Transport Systems.
  • Introduce a starting point for high priority projects and follow-up workshops in Palestine.
  • Regional View: The development of the Palestinian transport and urban environment in relation to neighboring regions and its impact on Economic and Social growth.
  • Long term Funding and Finance: What Model?

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