ICT Day 13


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Master of Ceremony
Welcoming Speech
Eng. Saada al-Shalabi /Chairman of the Preparatory Committee; Director’s Assistant of Information and Communication Technology Center ICTC/QOU
Speech by President of al-Quds Open University Prof. Younes Amr
Speech by Minister of Justice Prof. Mohammad al-Shalaldeh
Speech by Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology Dr. Ishaq Sider
Speech by Attorney General of the State of Palestine Mr. Akram Al-Khateeb
Speech by Advisory and Legislation Bureau Chairman Ms. Iman Abdel Hamid
Speech by President of the Palestinian Bar Association Mr.Yazeed Makhlof
Speech by General Manager of Jawwal Mr. AbdulMajeed Melhem
Speech by Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Chairman of the Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence Dr. Hussein Al Araj
Speech by Chief of police Assistant for CID Brigadier General Mohamed Tayem
Speech by Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Mahmoud Abu Mwais
Launching of the 13th ICT Day
QOU President’s Assistant for ICT and Media Production Affairs
Dr. Eng. Islam Amr

Session 1
Chairman: H.E. Judge Asad al-Shunnar/ Assistant Secretary-General of High Judicial Council
Rapporteur: Dr. Mohammad Abu Omar/Al-Quds Open University
Topic Speaker Position Video
Smart Court Ms. Jamilah Qubbaj Legal Consultant at The Supreme Constitutional Court
The Role of E-Arbitration in International Trade Disputes Resolution Mr. Mohammad Abu Shihab Lecturer in Commercial Law./An-Najah National University
Cybercrime in Palestine, Reality and Challenges Mr. Nabil Abu-Rub Practicing Lawyer/ Bar Association
Palestinian Industrial and Commercial Property and Its Protection Dr. Mohammad Ireiqat Intellectual Property Law Lecturer/Al-Quds University
Digital Rights in Palestine Mr. Ashraf Abu Hayeh Legal Advisor/Al-Haq Organization
Legal Protection of Websites and Social Media Networks from an Intellectual Property Perspective Dr. Fadi Alawneh Public Law Lecturer/ Al-Istiqlal University
The Extent of Commitment to Privacy by Official Palestinian Websites Dr. Jamil Tmaizy Associate Professor/ Palestine Ahliya University

Session: 2
Chairman: H.E. Eng. Jamil Zagharneh, Undersecretary of Telecommunications and Information Technology
Rapporteur: Dr. Fadi Alawnwh /Al-Istiqlal University
The Impact of Technology in Developing the Judicial System in Palestine H.E. Asad al-Shunnar Assistant Secretary-General of High Judicial Council
Regional and International Cooperation to combat cybercrime Eng. Ibrahim Abu Baker Director of Computer Emergency Response Center/Ministry of Telecom. and Information Technology
Employment of Information Technology in Easy Access to Justice and Rule of Law Enforcement Ms. Hanan Yaghy Director of Computers and Information at the Ministry of Justice
Cyber warfare Mr. Eyad al-Rifa’i Expert in cybercrime / cybercrime unit at the Palestinian police
E-reference of the Official Gazette Eng. Amjad Fares Head of Information Technology Unit /Advisory and Legislation Bureau
Social Media Networks and Law Dr. Mamoun Abu Helou President Assistant for Planning, Development and Quality at Al-Istiqlal University
Digital forensics investigations Dr. Mohammad Hamarsha Member of the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA)
The Employment of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Technology and Law Dr. Mohammad Abu Omar Head CIS Department, Al- Quds Open University
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