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Recommendations of the 13th ICT Day “Technology and Law”
Grand Park Hotel-Ramallah-Palestine
ICTC/Al-Quds Open University/ Palestine

In light of the current developments vis-a-vie technology and communication and the product of the industrial and technological revolution, information technology has had a remarkable impact on the law sector as it helped in the development of its different legal fields. This development helped in the emergence of what is known as Law Technology. The 13th ICT Day concluded its sessions by extending the following recommendations to the related parties in the State of Palestine:

First: Create a national Palestinian agenda to establish a computerized and smart law system which has become an urgent need in light of the rapid technological developments through the following:

  • Establish computerized and smart courts, as well as computerized smart portals for citizens and those who work in the legal sector, as this will aid the citizens to follow up on their lawsuits from their smart phones and laptops. This procedure will help limit crises and daily problems that face the courts and the judicial system.
  • The importance of utilizing special software in order to address legal issues in the different legal institutions.
  • The importance of employing computerized systems that effectively assist in dealing with legal and judicial cases in various legal institutions.
  • The importance of using artificial intelligence applications and expert systems that help lawyers, counselors and judges in finding appropriate and fair solutions to problems and various legal disputes.
  • Introduce law and technology courses in law faculties in the Palestinian universities as an introduction to create integrated university study programs specialized in the subject of legal technology.

Second: Create provisions for the law on intellectual property rights in Palestine, in line with international agreements and treaties that the State of Palestine has joined.

Third: Extensive awareness-raising and legal culture on the dangers of cybercrime and cyberbullying to protect citizens from them.

Fourth: Compel websites to upload and publish their privacy policies.

Fifth: Educate citizens on the procedures necessary for e-shopping and secure e-commerce.

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