ICT Day 13

Key Themes

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  • Information security
  • Various ICT technologies, which support cybercrime law.
  • Training and capacity building in the field of ICT technologies, which support law enforcement agencies.
  • The use of different ICT technologies to promote the influence of judicial system in Palestine, such as computerized judicial work systems, electronic signature, and various electronic authentication certificates.
  • International and regional cooperation to limit cybercrime.
  • Confidentiality and fairness in the exchange of information to serve the law.
  • Legislative templates and mechanisms governing the use of new means and tools in ICT.
  • Crypto currencies and the law.
  • Remote litigation.
  • Social networks and the law.
  • Electronic bullying.
  • Ethical hacking and penetration technology.
  • Cyber electronic warfare.
  • Local and international technological intellectual property rights and patents.

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