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The Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC), at al-Quds Open University, holds its 13th annual ICT Day, entitled “Technology and Law” on Wednesday 27/11/2019 at Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah.

The purpose of the event is to bring together experts in the fields of law, information and communication technology, in order to shed the light on the fast-paced development in the ICT sector and its impact on supporting and developing the provisions of the laws in the State of Palestine. The conference will also tackle the challenges and obstacles facing the Legal sector in keeping up with rapid changes in the information and communication technology.


The main objectives of the 13th ICT Day can be summarized as follows:

  • Reviewing challenges and barriers for the implementation of laws related to ICT technologies.
  • Enhancing legal awareness in Palestine and ensuring the dissemination of all laws that have been endorsed.
  • Raising the awareness among graduates of faculties of Law in the field of information and communication technology to promote integrity in the Palestinian judiciary system and law.
  • Presenting research and scientific interventions related to different ICT technologies to support the application and development of the provisions of the law in Palestine.
  • Providing ideas, initiatives and technological solutions to contribute to the overcoming of any obstacle that may face the application of the provisions of the law using various ICT technologies.
  • The future relation between law and technology in the virtual world.


  • Information security
  • Various ICT technologies, which support cybercrime law.
  • Training and capacity building in the field of ICT technologies, which support law enforcement agencies.
  • The use of different ICT technologies to promote the influence of judicial system in Palestine, such as computerized judicial work systems, electronic signature, and various electronic authentication certificates.
  • International and regional cooperation to limit cybercrime.
  • Confidentiality and fairness in the exchange of information to serve the law.
  • Legislative templates and mechanisms governing the use of new means and tools in ICT.
  • Crypto currencies and the law.
  • Remote litigation.
  • Social networks and the law.
  • Electronic bullying.
  • Ethical hacking and penetration technology.
  • Cyber electronic warfare.
  • Local and international technological intellectual property rights and patents.


  • Managers of technology and media companies working in public and private sectors.
  • Academic advisors and researchers in the fields of technology, judiciary and law.
  • ICT service providers.
  • Teaching experts in the fields of ICT and law.
  • Effective leaders and decision makers in the fields of research and scientific institutions that care for technology and law;
  • Faculties of Technology and Law at Palestinian Universities.
  • Security institutions in Palestine.

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