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Dr. Fadi Alawneh

Dr. Fadi Alawneh , holds a PhD in Public Law from Tunisia. He is the Head of Law and Police Sciences Department and a professor in Public Law at al-Istiqlal University. He is a former associate professor in Public Law at an-Najah National University, and a former professor in Public Law at Arab American University, as well as a former professor in Law at al-Quds Open University. Dr. Alawneh has more than ten years’ experience in the legal field. He is a researcher at the Central Elections Commission at the Department of Political Parties and Candidates. He is also the author of different legal books, such as the Reality of Medical Errors in Palestine, and Judicial Supervision on Administrative Decisions. Dr. Alawneh participated in many legal conferences such as “the Environment in Palestine,” “Medical Errors in Palestine” and “the Right to Education in Palestine.” Dr. Alawneh is currently working on research in various legal fields and some legal studies.

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