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Ms. Hanan Yaghi

Ms. Hanan Yaghi , is the General Director of Computer and Information Department at the Ministry of Justice. She holds a BA degree in Computer Science from the University of Jordan 1993. Ms. Yaghi participated in the development and dissemination of the tracker system “The Judiciary and Legislation System in Palestine” at Birzeit University. She was a programmer at the Ministry of Labor, as well as a Director for the Legal Library and a Director for the Computer and Information Department.
Ms. Yaghi participated in several meetings and conferences outside Palestine, including the Expert Meeting on Cyberspace Protection, which was held by the United Nations in Vienna in 2011. She also participated in the Expert Meeting on Cyber Security for Arab States in Beirut in 2012, and the Seventh Conference on Cyberspace Security and Safety at the League of Arab States Legal Research Center in Beirut to prepare and modify the Arab Convention on the Protection of Cyberspace in 2018. She also contributed to the First Regional Conference on the Computerization of Palestinian Judicial Work Systems 2019 in Jordan.

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