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Ibrahim Abu Bakr

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Eng. Ibrahim Abu Bakr

Eng. Ibrahim Abu Bakr , a holds a BA degree in Computer Engineering from al-Quds University, and holds several internationally recognized certificates in the field of ICT, cyber security, entrepreneurship, communication & media skills, in addition to project management.
Eng. Atallah was assigned by the Palestinian Cabinet as the Head of the National PAL-CERT, and the manager of PALCERT Center, which acts as the first response point in Palestine to cyber threats.
Eng. Atallah is a board member in the Arab Cyber Security Cooperation Team (ACCT) and Head of Information Security Team in Palestine. Moreover, he supervises several projects in the e-government, including the project Zinnar, in which he played a major role in the implementation of its contents. He is responsible for overseeing X-Road, which is an e-government project in MTIT.

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