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Dr. Mamoun Abu Helou

Dr. Mamoun Abu Helou, is President Assistant for Planning, Development and Quality at Al-Istiqlal University. His research interests are in the area of semantic Web technologies with special attention to data linking and data quality. He is author of 11+ papers including top-level journals and conferences such as JAIR, ICWE, NLDB, SEMANTiCS. He is also PC of several International conference including KEOD, ICIW, ISWC.
Abu Helou earned his PhD in Computer Science from University of Milan-Biccoca (2016). He has Master’s Degree in Computing Systems Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy 2008, and his Bachelor’s Degree; in Computer Engineering from Al-Quds University.
Abu Helou is a lecturer in Databases, Algorithm, Software Engineering. He involved in several EU funded projects with a focus on data oriented topics (FP7: SIERA, MOSIAC, COMSODE) and (ERC : Search Computing).

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