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Mohammad Abu Omar

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Dr. Eng. Mohammad Abu Omar

Dr. Eng. Mohammad Abu Omar received his PhD with distinction in Information Systems from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia.
Dr. Abu Omar received the title “Scientist” from the Oxford Academic Union in the UK as an appreciation for his international research work and activities. He was also awarded the gold medal of Excellence in Social Responsibility by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in Dubai.
Dr. Abu Omar has published many papers related to the area of information technology in international peer-reviewed journals. He also has several scientific international memberships, and he is a member in many editorial boards of international peer-reviewed journals.
Dr. Abu Omar is also a member of the scientific committees of many international conferences throughout the world, including USA, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Malaysia, Japan, UAE and India. He is currently the Head of Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department at the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences at al-Quds Open University in Palestine. He is also an assistant professor at the same Faculty.

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