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Nabeel Abu Al-Rob

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Mr. Nabeel Abu Al-Rob

Mr. Nabeel Abu Al-Rob , holds a Master’s degree in Public Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from an-Najah National University. He has more than 5 years of experience as a lawyer and legal advisor in the Legal Advisory Office. Mr. Abu al-Rob is a practicing lawyer in the Palestinian courts, a member of the Palestinian Bar Association, and a certificated trainer. Moreover, Abu al-Rob is active in the field of cybercrime follow up and prevention. He conducted a number of legal researches and studies, among which the concept of cybercrime and its legislative challenges in Palestine, which examined the objective nature of cybercrime, its reality and challenges. He also produced a study entitled” The appropriateness of legislation and laws in force to combat and reduce the perpetrators in Palestine and contribute to spreading awareness about its dangers”.

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